ABOUT hacienda cuch balam

Hacienda Cuch Balam (The Jaguar's Catch) was the residence of the cattle caretaker for the Henequen producing Hacienda in Chunkanan which is located just a few kms away. With a cenote just behind the main house, the water source was key to the livelihood of the cattle.

Cuch Balam by Buzzzu has been transformed into a place where guests (and day guests) can hang out in the private cenote , hike, or lounge around one of the two pools or exterior spaces. It's close proximity to the cenotes of Homun, Chunkanan, Cuzama, and ruins at Mayapan, make it the perfect stopping point to relax and have some food and drinks - even a poolside dj at times! Powered by 26 solar panels, Hacienda Cuch Balam is a true off-grid experience that is unique. 

Cuch Balam is run by Buzzzu - A boutique lifestyle firm based out of Merida.  Get in touch here

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